Aptech Certified Banking Specialist

Do you have a bank account? or a credit card? Have you ever withdrawn cash from an ATM?

If yes, then you know a little of what a bank does. But there’s so much more! Banks and associated firms or financial institutions lend and borrow money, manage people’s investments, buy and sell shares in the share market, provide seed money for businesses, run ATMs, and much, much more.

As per the Reserve Bank of India, India currently has 26 public sector banks, 20 service sector banks, 43 foreign banks, 61 regional rural banks, and 90,000+ credit cooperatives. Indian banking industry is expected to become fifth largest banking industry in the world by 2020 and third largest by 2025*.

To manage all these functions, banks need well-trained professionals who know the value of money and are smart enough to invest it wisely. The BFSI sector is expected to provide 85 lakh new jobs by 2020*.

Aptech offers a training program to

prepare you for a career in banking.

The Aptech Certified Banking Specialist program covers retail banking operations, sales, and communication skills.
Most importantly, it also focuses on Internet banking and the increasing usage of technology in the BFSI segment.

Course covers

This course is divided into three terms. Total duration of this course is 16 months. Each term prepares you to handle one area of banking & finance.

  • Term 1
  • TERM 2
  • TERM 3

During the first term, you will understand the basics of banking. You will learn about the role & functions of the financial sector, and the various channels of delivery of banking services.


  • Banking and financial services & products overview
  • Selling skills & techniques

On completing Term 1, you will become an Aptech Certified Banking Associate.

In the second term, you get to understand clearing operations & cash management. Principles of lending, credit, non-performing assets, accounting principles are the other areas that are covered in the second term. The fun part of this term is that you will be able to calculate interest on home loans, car loans, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, and other such investments. By the end of this term, you will even develop the right attitude required for customer service.


  • Advanced banking and financial services & products
  • Financial mathematics & accounting
  • Regulatory environment
  • Retail banking
  • Customer service
  • MS Excel

On completing Term 2, you will become an Aptech Certified Banking Professional.

In the third term, you learn advanced concepts of banking & finance, along with products & services offered under corporate & international banking. Learn about the functions of bank treasury & get hands-on experience of using core banking solution/ software.


  • Corporate banking
  • International banking
  • Treasury management
  • Financial modelling in MS Excel
  • Application software in banking operations
  • Effective business communication
  • Professional skills

On completing Term 3, you graduate from the course as an Aptech Certified Banking Specialist.


    Course Duration & Fees

    Course duration: 16 months (Classes are typically held 2 hours per day, 3 days a week.)

    Fee range: ₹ 54,000 – 81,000*

  • Eligibility

    Eligibility Criteria

    10+2/ undergraduate/ graduate,
    preferably in Commerce.

  • Job opportunities

    Job opportunities

    People with skills & training in banking are highly valued by banks & financial institutions. There are hundreds of job opportunities available in this sector. After completing this course, you can build a career as:

    1. Assistant manager in a bank
    2. Personal banker for high net worth people
    3. Teller/ cashier in a bank
    4. Finance sales executive
    5. Operations executive

*Note: Fees & duration may vary based on course & centre location. The fees indicated are exclusive of applicable taxes. For details, contact your nearest Aptech centre!

*Source: http://www.bfsissc.com/